By virtue of the mandatory scheme that Leicester & Rutland Mixed Hockey Association run on behalf of its clubs, Civil Liability insurance protection is provided to both clubs and its members at most competitive premium.


So What is Civil Liability?


Civil Liability is a unique policy, available only through Perkins Slade Ltd, designed to protect clubs against any circumstance under Civil Law.  A number of traditional Liability Policies are brought together to create one ‘Master’ Policy providing superior policy coverage.  The main features of the Policy are:


[i]         Public Liability - Accidental bodily injury to third parties and / or damage to third party property arising out of mountaineering activities. This section of the policy provides cover for (a) member to member liability and (b) liability arising out of the sharing of knowledge.


[ii]         Products Liability - Accidental bodily injury to third parties and / or damage to third party property arising out of any goods sold or supplied by the club.


[iii]        Libel and Slander - Includes defamation, which is vital in relation to allegations of child abuse.


[iv]        Directors’ and Officers’ Liability - Legal Liability protection in respect of mismanagement.


The Policy is also extended to protect against liability arising out of the use, ownership or possession of any club premises.


How Could Liability Attach to a Club?


Liability can attach to a sports club in a variety of circumstances, principally under the four heads of cover detailed above. In all circumstances the claimant/third party must prove negligence on behalf of the club or member.


What about Umpires  and Coaches?


Under the above arrangements, if an umpire or coach is giving advice or tuition within the club environment then they are covered under the member to member section of the Civil Liability policy. However no cover exists if these activities are continued outside of that specific club ‘environment’.


To combat this LRMHA buy an additional insurance policy that protects both them as a regional body and provides indemnity to coaches and umpires whilst outside of the club ‘environment’ but within the LRMHA ‘environment’.


Cover is also provided, by way of this additional policy for players representing LRMHA at county level.


So what does it cost?


The premium for the current period of insurance is £150.00 per club and £365.00 for the additional insurance protection bought, both of which provide a £5,000,000 limit of indemnity.


Other Alternatives


Perkins Slade do arrange cover for umpires on a mandatory basis for a number of regional associations. The premium charge for this is approximately £4.00 per umpire.


Coaches are unable to obtain insurance directly from Perkins Slade, they must buy this via EHA at a cost of approximately £40.00 per coach.


Associations (when affiliated to EHA) can buy cover for players representing the county at a premium of £145.00.



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