A message from the chairman



Welcome to the new season especially in this troubled and difficult time for everyone. Let's hope that we are able to play a full season!

Our aim is to have a full fixture program and we will do our very best to continue to get everyone out there safely playing the sport we love.

We have 29 teams and will continue to have 3 divisions, with Div 1 and 3 both having 10 teams and Div 2 having nine teams.


We would like to welcome LEICESTER HOCKEY CLUB to the association and wish them a successful first season. We have unfortunately lost LEICS UNI due to lack of numbers/studying from home.

WELFORD have pulled out both sides but have re-enlisted with a new side in Div 3 under a new code WELF.




Mixed Hockey Association needs your help, we need new people to join the committee to move mixed hockey forward into the coming years. If you would like to join the committee, or know of anybody who would be willing to volunteer, please enquire through one of our Executive Committee members.


Thank you and best wishes for the coming season.



Mick Barlow