Quick Reference Guide for Team & Club Secretaries, Captains 2021/2022

       General duties of a Team Secretary, Club Secretary & Captains

·         You are the person that will be contacted by various EC Members regarding:

·         Player Registrations, Player Transfers, Fixtures, Umpires and Fee Payments

NOTE:  Please check your emails, texts, telephone messages regularly.

·         You are responsible for holding the club paperwork, especially signed copies of all Player Registration Forms, MRLs, Transfer Details, Mixed Section Affiliation Form.  In the case of an insurance claim you will be required to produce these.

·         MR 1 - REMEMBER it is MANDATORY

‘Throughout the season, if any of the contact details submitted on the Club Affiliation or Team Competition Registration forms are changed, it is the Club’s responsibility to advise the Administration Officer in writing immediately.’

·         You are responsible for ensuring that you or a Club representative attends the AGM or EGM or any other meeting designated by the Mixed Hockey Section of the LRHA.

·         If under PR 10 there is an agreed postponement of a fixture you must complete a ‘Request for Postponement Form’, ensuring that the Fixtures Secretary, Umpires Secretary, the Appointed Umpires and Opposition Secretary are informed – see PR10

·         If you wish to transfer a player please submit a completed ‘Player Request to Transfer Form’ to the Transfer Secretary Veryan Codd.  Similarly, if a player wishes to transfer out of your club you will be contacted by the Transfer Secretary.


·        Weekly duties

·         Home Games: you must confirm the fixture with the opposition and umpires not less than 72 hours prior to any match i.e. Wednesday for Saturday.

·         Umpire information will be sent from the Umpires Secretary by email. 

·         Check umpire list as to whether you need to supply OWN umpire for a fixture or if your team has been asked to supply an umpire for another fixture.

·         For ALL ‘Away Games’ expect contact from the opposition - please remember to check all communications i.e. voicemails, texts, emails.

·         ALL New Players & Transfers must be registered using the ‘PRF’ & witness signed.

·         Ensure ALL ‘PRF Player Registrations’ are recorded with the Registration Team:

·         Pam Brooks, Tracey Taylor & Veryan Codd by using the electronic:



·         Player Registration Form PRF:

·         All paper ‘PRF’s must be secured in your clubs ‘Player Registration File’.

·         Fill out the match card with all player names (and shirt numbers) entered in BLOCK CAPITALS - script must be legible.  Hand this to the Umpire(s) along with match fee.

·         After the game make sure that either you, or the Captain, check that the names of the goal scorers are correct on the match card.

·         If it is a Home fixture, advise MICK BARLOW & TRACEY TAYLOR of the result of the game via email or text immediately.  Please remember to state both team names in full, some messages can be confusing:






                    Match Day Procedure for Season 2020/2021


a)      Before the game - Team Captains 'TASK'.

          Each Umpire for the match to be handed £20 expenses

          A completely filled in Match Card to be handed to the Umpires

          Clearly PRINT in block capitals all parts of the Match Card.

          Each player's name and shirt number to be printed on the card.

          Player's names cannot be added after the game has started.

b)      After the game - Umpires 'TASK'.

          Please complete the Match Cards.

          Please record the total number of goals scored.

          Please record the number of goals scored against the name of the goal scorer.

c)      After the game - Team Captains 'TASK'.

          Check & agree that the score entered onto each Match Card is correct.

          Check & confirm the name of each goal scorer.

          Check & confirm the number of goals scored by each goal scorer.

          When all entries are agreed, each captain to sign acceptance & approval.

d)      Umpires 'TASK'.

          Please make a final check of the Match Card.

          Please record any match comments on the Match Card.

          Please sign your approval of all Match Card details.

e)      Umpires 'TASK' Please ensure match cards are posted immediately! Please post the Match Card to:

                         Tracey Taylor – Match Cards & Player Registrations etc - - ,

          Address:           62 Coventry Road, Market Harborough, LE16 9BZ

                         Telephones   M 07861 967 430      H 01858 288 175


          Team Captain or Home Team Official MUST REGISTER the RESULT

Both:  email result to Mick Barlow via:   alisonbemail-hockey@yahoo.co.uk

     &:   email result to Tracey Taylor via:           tracey.taylor13@uwclub.net


Please clearly state the following details:

          State:               Date of Match and Name Venue

          Name the:        Home Team                  &     Away team                            .

          State:    Final Score:   Home Team =       goals,              Away Team =      goals

          State whether: League Match,     Cup Match,        Plate Match  /  other.


g)      Postponement, Cancellation, Game Abandonment, Game Re-arrangements.

          Refer to Management Regulations & Playing Regulations.

          Match-day: Umpires or Secretaries must send in ‘An information’ Match Card