PAYMENT CHART - Fees & Fines - Season 2021 / 2022
The Financial year end is the 31st May of each year
C = Constitution, MR = Management Regulation, PR = Playing Regulation
Reg. Description of Fee Pay Fee per
C8 Leicestershire & Rutland H. A. Annual Affiliation Fee (LRHA) LMHA 2.00 team
C13.3 Appeal fee per team - pay with appeal application (Mixed Only) LMHA 10.00 appeal
C13.3 Appeal fee per individual - pay with appeal application (Mixed) LMHA 10.00 appeal
MR9 Mixed Section - New club entrance fee LMHA 5.00 club
MR9 - Club membership subscription LMHA 10.00 team
MR9 - League entrance fee LMHA 10.00 team
MR9 - Cup entrance fee LMHA 10.00 team
MR10h Umpires expenses - pay each umpire for each match Umpire 20.00 team
MR12 Insurance payment to Mixed Section Finance Officer LMHA TBA club
PR5c TEAM Player Registration Fee - Payment Due 19 Oct 2019. LMHA 90.00 team
PR5c Transfer of player - pay fee on the 'Date of Transfer' by return LMHA 5.00 player
The Midland Region HA affiliation fee is 6.50 per Club and will be paid from Mixed Section funds
Reg. Description of Fine - pay by invoice due date Pay Fine per
MR2 a) Non-attendance at Mixed AGM, SGM, Attendance is Mandatory LMHA 30.00 team
C13.4 Debtors at financial year end - 31st May each year LMHA 25.00 team
C13.4 Late payment of invoice or money owed by team LMHA 25.00 team
C13.4 Late payment of invoice or money owed by individual LMHA 25.00 person
MR1 Failure to advise Administration Officer of changes to Handbook, Team or Club details during the Season LMHA 5.00 team
PR1 Playing for more than one Mixed Team on the same day LMHA 10.00 team
PR5a Registration irregularity LMHA 10.00 team
PR5b.i Failure to return completed Master Registration List with fees by or on the Registration Evening 22nd October 2018 LMHA 50.00 team
PR5b.ii Non-registered player LMHA 10.00 team
PR5d Transfer irregularity LMHA 10.00 team
PR5e Player poaching LMHA 10.00 team
PR6 Nominated player irregularity LMHA 10.00 team
PR7b Failure to confirm a fixture LMHA 10.00 team
PR8 Match card irregularity LMHA 10.00 team
PR11d Failure to advise the Fixtures Secretary and Umpires Secretary of re-arranged fixture LMHA 10.00 team
PR12a Failure to submit Notification of Posponement Form 'NPF' LMHA 10.00 team
PR12b Failure to fulfil a League, Cup, Plate, or Friendly fixture LMHA 10.00 team
PR13 Match Late start - 15 minutes or more LMHA 10.00 team
  LRHA Constitution - Disciplinary RED Card 'Minimum fine' is LRHA 50.00 Person