The Mixed Section will deal with all ‘Card Recorded’ offences as Stage 1 below!

As deemed necessary the matter will then be dealt with Stage 2 below!

All RED Card awards must be reported to LRHA Chris Ashton with umpires report attached.

1st Stage        Mixed Section Disciplinary Matters

            Chair:    Steve Sellars                     Committee:  Nancy Hammond, Veryan Codd

            The disciplinary committee will co-opt EC Members as found necessary.

            MR11 Discipline - Please see Management Regulations in this Handbook

            See     www.lmha.co.uk, LRHA Constitution Section 12, LRHA Section Rules Part 7.

2nd Stage       LRHA, Midlands & England Hockey Disciplinary Procedure

            LRHA Disciplinary Officer

Chris Ashton               ashton.chrisd@gmail.com               07980 449 524

            LRHA Assistant Disciplinary Officer

Steve Sellars              stellars@btinternet.com                   07957 688 303




When an offending player is awarded a green card, he / she will be required to leave the field of play for a period of two minutes’  The time will not start until the offender is off the pitch in the area designated by the umpires before the start of the game.


YELLOW CARD - The Mixed Section Disciplinary Procedure is as below:


Penalty Points.

The penalty points for various offences are listed below:

A.     Verbal and / or visual obscenity                              6 points

B.     Dissent                                                                       4 points

C.    Dangerous play                                                         6 points

D.    Deliberate foul                                                           3 points

E.     Unacceptable social behaviour                               3 points

     (Disrespectful, not ladylike, not gentlemanly)

Points level to activate a suspension:

A total of 12 points, or more than 12 points, recorded on the match cards.

When 12 or more points are recorded, the individual and their Club will be informed and the individual shall be required to attend a Mixed Section Disciplinary Hearing where additional punishment may be implemented

Please see this Handbook ‘MR 11 Discipline’ – part quote as below:

NOTE:  DISCIPLINARY HEARINGS: All players receiving a Red Card or multiple Yellow Cards amounting to 12 penalty points or more must attend a Mixed Section Disciplinary Hearing where additional punishment may be implemented.

The individual and the Club will be notified of the venue, date and time of the hearing.

Period of suspension:

The initial minimum period of suspension is 16 days, to commence on the second Saturday following the suspension points total being reached and must embrace a defined number of league matches and / or cup matches as instructed by the Disciplinary Committee.  The initial suspension will be mandatory and may reflect other factors which would reduce the impact of the penalty, e.g. holidays or similar.

Where there is an additional suspension period added by the Disciplinary Committee, the period added will be subject to appeal.

Any player reaching the suspension level for a second time during the same season will receive a suspension twice the length of the first.