Please be aware of the ‘Changes to Red Card Regulations’ announced by England Hockey!

·         Red Card Disciplinary Procedure

The Red Card Disciplinary Procedure, including the appeals process, is set out in the LRHA Constitution under Rule 13.


·         Mixed Section Procedure:

1.      The LRHA Disciplinary Officer will determine the period of suspension and notify all parties.

2.      The Mixed Section Disciplinary Committee will then convene a Disciplinary Hearing to consider the case.

3.      The Disciplinary Committee may decide to apply further punishment and will notify all parties of the outcome of the hearing.



The suspended person is responsible to serve the full penalty.

Club is responsible to ensure the suspended person fulfils all suspension criteria.

•           All suspensions are carried forward to the next season.

•           The suspended person and all clubs must ensure the suspension is completed.






Special Disciplinary Message to ALL Mixed Section Red Card Offenders.


4.5                         The issuing of a Red Card or the commission of an MMO shall result in the recipient being subject to an immediate mandatory minimum period of suspension of 16 days from  -

Playing, Umpiring, or acting, either from the sides of the pitch or on the pitch, as a Team Coach, Team Official or any match official during any hockey match or event.

A match for these purposes includes any game involving teams playing hockey, whether 11, 7 or 6-a-side or otherwise.


The offender is not automatically excluded from any hockey activity other than that specified in this Regulation.


The ban extends to all areas in the region and country and all types of hockey, whether Women’s, Men’s, Mixed and / or Indoor.

A suspended individual breaking the ban will receive an extended suspension period and any member(s), team(s) or club(s) assisting the individual in breaking the ban will be severely disciplined.