LRHA Section Rules 2017-18 :

SECTION RULES   (No amendments since 2007 AGM)




1)                  The Leicestershire and Rutland Hockey Association (herein ďthe AssociationĒ) is the governing body for all hockey in Leicestershire and Rutland (herein ďthe CountyĒ) and encompasses menís, ladiesí and mixed hockey.  Each of those three form a Section within the Association.  Each Section shall operate under the authority of the Association and in accordance with the Associationís Rules and these Rules.  If there is a conflict between the Association Rules and the Section Rules the Association rules shall prevail.  The Executive Committee of the Association (herein ďthe ECĒ) may from time to time amend the Section Rules as it thinks fit.




2)                  Subject to the overriding control of the Association, the Section shall be responsible for organising hockey for Section Members in the County.




3.1)            Each team of every club or school which is an affiliated Member of the Association shall be allotted to the relevant Section by the EC depending upon whether it plays menís, ladiesí or mixed hockey.  Affiliated Members which do not have teams shall be allotted the relevant Section by the EC depending upon their primary association with menís, ladiesí or mixed hockey.  Personal Members shall be Section Members of the Section which controls their particular form of hockey.


3.2)            It is recognised that some people may be Section Members of both the mixed Section and either the ladiesí or the menís sections.  Any disputes shall be resolved by the EC.




4.1)            Fees and finances are levied and controlled by each Section.  Each Section shall prepare an annual budget subject to the prior approval of the EC, by which fees and finances are raised.  Entrance fees to competitions organised by the Section shall be in such amount and payable to that Section on such dates as the Section shall determine.


4.2)            The monies of the Section shall belong to that Section and shall be kept under the control of the Section in the Sectionís bank.  The Section Treasurer shall be responsible for any monies to the Section Committee.  The Section Treasurer shall make no payments exceeding a sum from time to time laid down by the Section Committee, other than those made in the ordinary course of the Sectionís business or, in emergency, with the consent of two other Section Officers.


4.3)            The Section Treasurer shall keep the finances in the Sectionís bank and shall keep the books of account required by the Associationís Treasurer.


4.4)            The accounting year for the Section shall be such as laid down from time to time by the Association.




5.1)            The Officers of the Section shall be a Vice President of the Association, the Section Finance Officer, the Section Administration Officer, and such other officers as the Section may approve from time to time.  All such officers shall be honorary officers.


5.2)            The rules governing election, terms of office and replacement of casual vacancies of Section Officers shall be the same as those governing Officers of the Association.


5.3)            Nominations for any Section Office may be made only by the Section by inclusion by it of the nomineeís name in the agenda for a General Meeting of the Association.  In the absence of any nomination by the Section the Office shall be referred by the Annual General Meeting to the EC to fill under the rules of the Association.




6.1)            The affairs of the Section shall be managed by a Section Committee which shall consist of the Officers.


6.2)            The Section Committee shall have power to co-opt members but these may not vote.  A co-opted member shall not serve beyond the termination of the AGM next following the memberís co-option but may be co-opted again thereafter for a further term, unless the EC resolves otherwise.


6.3)            The quorum for a meeting of the Section Committee shall be 50% persons entitled to vote at it.


6.4)            The Vice President shall be the chairman of the Section Committee but in the Vice Presidentís absence the Section Committee shall elect some other member to chair that particular meeting.


6.5)            The Rules of the Association in relation to the calling and conduct of meetings, subcommittees, co-opted members and voting shall apply (mutates mutandis) to Section Committee.


6.6)            The Section Committee shall at the request of the EC appoint representatives to act as members of any subcommittees, working parties and cross-functional teams set up from time to time by the EC.




7.1)               Sections and their member Clubs are required to accord priority to their disciplinary procedures and are encouraged to administer with common sense their own penalties for local breaches of discipline. All cases of discipline penalties must be notified in writing to the CDA,  and the LRHA reserve the right to interfere.


7.2)            Penalties may be awarded by Sections and Clubs within their own membership, but incidents must be referred to the next level if other parties are to be involved.


7.3)            Each Section and member Clubs should refer for guidance to the England Hockey Ltd Regulations with regard to both procedures and penalties.




8)                  The EC shall determine any question on the content and interpretation of these Rules and its decision on such matters shall be final and binding unless a General Meeting of the Association determines otherwise.