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These Management Regulations cover the way the Mixed Section is organised and governed and should be read in conjunction with the Constitution and Section Rules of the Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association.



LRHA        Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association

EC    Executive Committee of the LRHA Mixed Section

MR   Management Regulation

PR     Playing Regulation

FTC  Failure to Comply


MR 1          Membership

a)  Membership of the LRHA Mixed Section and entry into the Competitions is achieved by fully completing the forms for Club Affiliation to the Mixed Section and Team Competition Registration. The forms / details must be lodged with the Administration Officer 7 days before the AGM.  The Affiliation, Competition & Membership fees must be paid on or before the Registration Evening.

     Throughout the season, if any of the contact details submitted on the Club Affiliation or Team Competition Registration forms are changed, it is the Club’s responsibility to advise the Administration Officer in writing immediately.

     •  FTC:  May at the discretion of the EC result in a fine in accordance with MR 9.

b) All members of the LRHA Mixed Section Umpires Association shall be Honorary Members of the LRHA Mixed Section.


MR 2          General Meetings

a)  AGM: The Annual General Meeting of members shall be held on a date, at a time and at a venue agreed by the EC.

     A written Calling Notice of such meetings shall be posted to all Club / Team Secretaries and Mixed Section members at least 40 clear days before the meeting date by the Administration Officer.

     The Calling Notice must contain:-

  meeting details and significant dates for action;

  a formal request for nominations, proposals and items for discussion;

  a ‘Team Competition & Membership Application Form’ for the following season and notification for insurance renewal.

     It is mandatory for each team to send a representative to a Mixed Section AGM.

  FTC:  May at the discretion of the EC result in a fine in accordance with MR 9.

b) SGM: Special General Meetings shall be convened if:

  Directed by the EC;

  A written request is lodged with the Administration Officer signed by a registered official of each of 1/4 or more of the teams named in the Mixed Section Handbook for that year.

A written Calling Notice of such meetings shall be posted to all Club / Team Secretaries and Mixed Section members at least 14 clear days before the meeting date by the Administration Officer (in accordance with LRHA Constitution Rule 12) and must clearly define the business of the SGM.

All amendments to be dealt with during the business of the SGM

It is mandatory for each team to send a representative to a Mixed Section SGM.

     •  FTC:  May at the discretion of the EC result in a fine in accordance with MR 9.

c)  Each Team shall have only one vote.

d) The Secretary of the LRHA Mixed Section Umpires Association, or an official representative, has the right to one vote.

e)  All issues shall be decided by simple majority of the votes cast. Proxy voting shall not be permitted. In the case of equality, the chairperson of the meeting shall have a casting vote.


MR 3          Procedures for the AGM

a)  All proposals to be placed before an AGM must be lodged with the Administration Officer at least 30 days before the date of the meeting. Each proposal must be in writing and must be signed by the PROPOSER and SECONDER.  Their name(s) and position(s) held within the Mixed Section must also be printed.

b) All such proposals shall be circulated in writing to all Clubs not later than 20 days before the meeting.

c)  Amendments must be with the Administration Officer no later than 15 days before the meeting.

d) An AGM Date Diary for the above must be part of the Calling Notice.

e)  No significant alteration, deletion or addition shall be made to the Management or Playing Regulations. All such changes can only be made via the AGM and / or SGM processes.


This Regulation does not prohibit the EC from making minor alterations to clarify the understanding of the Regulations and / or manage the business.


MR 4 Executive Committee

a)  The Executive Committee shall be appointed at the AGM and shall consist of the number of officers considered necessary to efficiently manage the LRHA Mixed Section.

b) To ensure continuity of the EC, 50% of its members shall retire annually by rotation and shall be eligible for re-election.

c)  The EC shall have the power to co-opt members and they shall have full voting rights.

d) An EC meeting quorum shall be 5 persons entitled to vote at it. Each member of the EC shall have one vote and, in the case of equality, the chairperson of the meeting shall have a casting vote.


MR 5          Other Committees

a)  The EC shall appoint Standing Committees as required to facilitate the efficient management of the Mixed Section. Each Committee shall be appointed at the first EC meeting or later in special circumstances and shall regularly report to the EC.

b) A Management Committee comprising of the Chairperson, Finance Officer and three other EC members must be formed to deal with emergency business when there is insufficient time to convene the full EC. All such decisions must be declared before the next EC meeting for ratification.

c)  A Finance Committee comprising of the Finance Officer, deputy & administrator will be responsible for all financial matters.

     As we will be using internet banking we delegate that the finance Officer will be the sole user of our internet banking account.

d) A Disciplinary Committee shall deal with matters of discipline, in association with the LRHA Disciplinary Officer, and shall comprise the Umpires Secretary and three EC members.

e) A County Selection Committee shall deal with matters relating to selection of County teams and shall comprise the County Secretary and the County Team Managers.

f)  A County Team Committee shall organise all aspects of County Hockey.  They are responsible for assembling players, training, selection, organising County matches, liaising with other counties and attempting to secure more county fixtures.  The committee shall comprise of the County Secretary and the County Team Managers.


MR 6          Structure of the League

a)  The structure of the League shall be reviewed annually by the EC and guidance shall be sought at the AGM on possible options.

b) No Club shall be permitted more than two Teams in Division 1.

c)  The League points system:   Win = 3 points,     Draw = 1 point,     Loss = 0 point. 


MR 7          League Divisions: Promotion and Relegation

a)  The Champion Team and runners-up in each division, except Division 1, will normally be promoted to the Division above.

b) The bottom two Teams in each Division, except in the lowest Division, will normally be relegated to the Division below.

c)  Exceptionally, the EC may place or move a team to a Division which suits their anticipated ability if they deem it in the interests of the League as a whole.


d) Position of Teams in the Divisions will be determined by the following priorities:

i)  Total points

ii) Goal difference

iii) Goals scored

iv) Results of games between tying Teams.

e)  The EC shall have the authority to promote, relegate and/or carry out emergency league adjustments if necessary.


MR 8          Challenge Cup Competitions:  Senior Cup, Junior Cup and Plate

a)  Teams in the top two Divisions shall be eligible to take part in the Senior Cup competition. All other Teams shall be eligible to take part in the Junior Cup competition.

Any Team that loses their first Senior Cup or Junior Cup match shall be eligible to take part in the Senior Plate or Junior Plate Competitions. Teams must have played and lost a game to be eligible. Teams who forfeit their first game may not enter the Plate competition.

b) All Cup matches shall be drawn by ballot during an EC meeting and recorded in the minutes.  Cup matches shall have priority over League and Friendly matches.

c)  If after normal time no result is reached, the match shall be decided by a Penalty Stroke Competition in accordance with the England Hockey ‘Penalty Stroke Procedure’.

A maximum of 3 females and 3 males must be nominated from each Team.     

d) The Cup and Plate Semi Finals and Finals shall be played at a venue decided by the EC.


MR 9          Fees and Fines

a)  Fees and fines must be approved at the AGM and the details set out in the Payment Chart printed in the annual Mixed Section Handbook.

The Financial year end is the 31st May of each year.

b) All fees listed in the Payment Chart must be paid to the LMHA on or before the official registration evening or as detailed in PR 5 vii.

c)  All moneys, fees and fines owed to the Mixed Section must be paid by the due date as noted on the invoice or demand letter.

·        FTC:  Starting on the first day after the due date, Teams / Clubs may at the discretion of the EC be deducted one point per week summating to a maximum of 5 points. The points’ penalty will be carried over to the following season if not concluded when appropriate.

d) The EC will consider extenuating circumstances for non-payment but persistent offenders will be suspended from all Competitions.


MR10         Procedures for Umpires

a)  This Regulation applies to all Umpires, Player Umpires and captain-appointed Umpires.

Umpires shall ensure that all matches are conducted in accordance with FIH ‘Rules of Hockey’ and the Mixed Section Playing Regulations.

b) The allocation of umpires to fixtures shall be the responsibility of the LRHA Mixed Section Umpires Association and organised by the Umpires Secretary.

c)  Umpires failing to fulfil a match appointment shall notify the Umpires Secretary within 3 days of the match, stating the reason(s).

d) Where 2 umpires are allocated, but only one umpire appears, then the attendant umpire shall officiate if that umpire is willing and feels able to so do.

e)  Prior to the start of a First Division match, the umpires shall, in addition to their usual duties, be responsible for:

i)  Confirming with each Team secretary that the players on their Match Card are available to participate in the match;

ii) Ensuring that any players not likely to be present or who are unfit to play are removed from the Match Card;

iii)    Permitting any players who are not present at the start, but are expected to play at some point, to remain on the Match Card, subject to their eventual participation.

f)  Upon completion of the match, the umpires shall be responsible for entering onto the Match Card:

i)  The final score.

ii) Goal scorers.

iii)    Details of any suspended players.

iv)    Late start with relevant details.

They shall also be responsible for confirming with each Team secretary that all players on their respective Match Cards actually participated in the match.

g) The umpires (or, in the event of no official umpires, a Home Team Official) shall be responsible for ensuring that the Match Cards are sent to the Results & Charts Secretary.

h) Umpires expenses shall be reviewed annually by the EC and any recommendations must be placed before an AGM.

i)  In the event of an umpire arriving at a match that is postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of either Team, the umpire may claim half expenses from the LRHA Mixed Section via the Umpires Secretary.

j)   Umpires keeping an appointment but finding a match postponed or cancelled shall receive full expenses from the offending Club - see Playing Regulation 12d.


MR11         Discipline

The disciplinary procedure is set out in Rule 13 of the Constitution of the LRHA.


a)  DISCIPLINARY HEARINGS: All players receiving a Red Card or multiple Yellow Cards amounting to 12 penalty points or more must attend a Mixed Section Disciplinary Hearing where additional punishment may be implemented.

         FTC Automatic suspension from all hockey until an EC release

b) Outside the Disciplinary Card Procedure:

Umpires and officials shall report in writing to the EC immediately, if players and / or supporters subject them to:

a) Abuse of umpires, b) shouting at umpires, c) foul language, d) criticisms of umpires, e) criticisms of umpire decisions, f) threats to umpires.

The Disciplinary Committee shall deal with such complaints, report to the EC and / or call on the EC if necessary.


MR12         Insurance

     Mandatory:  All Clubs / Teams must carry a minimum insurance cover of Civil and Employees’ Liability – Civil Liability.

Optional:  The EC strongly advise all Clubs / Teams and Members to secure annual extended insurance cover.


Insurance Premium must be paid to the LMHA before the 1st September of each year or as agreed with the EC and approved at each Mixed Section AGM.


MR13         Child Protection

a)  All Clubs must register a Child Protection Officer for the Club.  That person must have attended and completed a formal LRHA Child Protection Course, or Equivalent Course, and must hold a valid qualification.

b) If that person leaves the Club or ceases to attend matches before the season ends the Club must notify the EC and register another person as Child Protection Officer. More than one Club member may attend a course and may be registered with the EC.

c)  Contact for Child Protection courses:-

England Hockey Board Midlands Office,

The Hockey Pavilion,

Loughborough University,

Ashby Road,



LE11 3TU.

Telephone: 01509 228 676 & M 07545 438 129

email: midlands@englandhockey.co.uk