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     These Playing Regulations cover all matches played under the control of the Mixed Section of the Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association.

The Mixed Section Executive Committee administers all Competitions and their rulings shall be binding on all players, Teams and Clubs.


     EC         Executive Committee of the LRHA Mixed Section

PR    Playing Regulation

FTC Failure to Comply

MR 9         Management Regulation 9, which summarises the Fees associated with entry into the     Competitions and Fines for breaches of the Regulations.

Competition(s) include(s) all League, Cup, Plate and 7-a-side matches.

Health & Safety and Insurance

The EC and their insurer emphasise to all players, Teams, Clubs and officials that safety must be a priority in all aspects of hockey.

Parts of the Playing Regulations have been highlighted for clarification and safety reasons.

The EC advises that all recommended protective clothing should be worn and the EC give match officials full authority to insist that all safety precautions are in place when there is concern.

Photography – Please remember that before you use photographic equipment at Hockey Games, on educational establishments and many other facilities, there are laws and rules which you must adhere to.      

PR 1 General

All matches shall be conducted in accordance with the International Hockey Federation (FIH) 2019 ‘Rules of Hockey’, or as amended by these Playing Regulations.

For all Mixed Section Competitions, the following shall apply:-

Each Team shall consist of not more than 5 females and 5 males in the outfield and a fully kitted goalkeeper - in the event that the goalkeeper is withdrawn, a team shall be permitted to play with no more than 6 females or 6 males in the outfield.

·        No outfield player shall be allowed to play for more than one Team in the Mixed Section on the same day.

NOTE: A GK wishing to represent two teams in one day shall only be permitted to do so provided they remain as a fully-kitted GK at all times in both games.

·        FTC:  The EC may award the match to the opposing Team.

The offending Team may be liable to a fine in accordance with MR 9.



 PR 2 Goalkeepers

The Mixed Section has adopted the full FIH Rules of Hockey governing goalkeepers in addition to the requirements of the FIH Rules:-

•  the headgear worn by a goalkeeper must incorporate fixed full-face protection and cover for the entire head;

•  the goalkeeper must wear throat protection.

Furthermore, goalkeepers are strongly advised to wear upper body, thigh, abdominal and hand protectors.



PR 3 Pitches, Goal Equipment, Field Equipment, First Aid Kit, Ambulance Access

•  Each Team must provide an EC approved hockey pitch for home matches.

•  FIH ‘Field of Play’ pitch specifications are required for all Competition matches.

•  Each Team must have easy and quick access to an updated First Aid Kit.

•  Access to a qualified First Aid person or equivalent is advisable.

•  Ambulance access to the pitch must be kept clear at all times - be aware of liability


PR 4 Team Colours & Dress Code

•  Each Team must register with the EC, the colour of shirts, shorts, skirts/skorts and socks on the ‘Team Competition & Membership Application Form’. 

     shorts should be ‘free flowing’ & are to be worn over any undergarment such as cycle shorts/legging, team socks must be visible over any full length leggings.        

•  Colour changes require EC permission.

•  Field players of the same Team must wear clothing of a uniform colour and shirts must be uniquely numbered. 

•  Goalkeepers must wear over any upper body protection a shirt or garment which is different in colour from that of both Teams.

•  Colour Clash: visiting Team must change to different coloured shirts & socks. Team Secretaries must resolve colour clash changes when confirming fixture. 



                                       ONLY AS UNDERGARMENTS






PR 5 Player - Registrations and Transfers – For Help see Pages 20 & 21 – Electronic System.

When contemplating a Player Registration, or Transfer, check with the Registration Group that the player is free to sign.

A player must be registered with a Mixed Section club before playing in any Mixed Section Competition match. The registration is valid only for the period stated on the MRL, PRF or the dates stated on the Transfer approval form.  A club registered player is allowed to play only for the club she or he is registered with in the Mixed Section.

Age Clarification: A player can play in a Mixed Game from the day of her or his 13th birthday.


PLAYER REGISTRATIONS - There are only three methods to ‘Register’ players for your club – see i, ii, iii below.  

i.            MRL ‘Master Registration List’ - Players registering from the previous season recorded by the EC on the MRL.

ii.            PRF ‘Player Registration Form’ - New Players, Player Transfers & Player Registrations not completed on the MRL.

iii.            Mixed Section Player Transfers - Transfers by Transfer Secretary via ‘email Request to Transfer Form’.

THE SYSTEM - explained with Player Registration Regulations.

                   Also please see Page 8 & Page 9 of this Handbook.

·        FTC: Please note that in all cases a Failure to Comply with the Management & Playing Regulations may result in one or more of  the following:

a)  3 Points or more deduction, b) the forfeit of a match with a 3 point penalty, c) a club fine in line with MR 9  

i.            MRL ‘Master Registration List’

The MRL is applicable to named players re-registering from the previous season.

MRL is supplied to each club at the Mixed AGM by the EC ‘Mixed Executive Committee’.

Each player must check own personnel details, amend if necessary & for membership sign & date the form.

The completed MRL with fee must be handed in at the pre-season October Registration & Payment Evening.

At that date the MRL is closed & ALL remaining players must register using the PRF as in PR 5 ii below.

ii.            PRF ‘Player Registration Form’

Use for New Players, Transferred Players & MRL listed players not registered by way of the MRL. The PRF blank can be obtained from the EC or copied from the website

The completed PRF must be checked, approved, signed & dated by the Club Secretary.

Before the name of a newly registered player is entered onto a Match Card the PRF must be checked & witness signed by the Umpire of the day, or an EC member or the opposition Captain.

On completion of the PRF the Club Secretary must immediately send a confirmation email to the two named ‘Registration Secretaries’ as detailed on the email form.



iii.            Player Transfers – Club to Club Mixed Section only – refer to page 20 of this Handbook.

All Player Transfers must be dealt with by contacting the Transfer Secretary.

The Player, or the engaging club, must initiate the transfer process by submitting an:

Email Request to Transfer Form to the Transfer Secretary for permission to proceed.

The Transfer Secretary will then give advice on how the transfer must be pursued.

The Player cannot play for the engaging club until the Transfer Secretary has given the go ahead.

Player should complete a new PRF for registration with the Engaging Club as PR 5 ii above.

NOTE: A player owing money or property to a Mixed Section Club or the Mixed Section will not be permitted to transfer.

iv.            Player Registration Transfer Status - A player remains registered with, or tied to, a Club until:

a.     The transfer secretary has finalized & approved the transfer to the new club as PR 5 iii above.


b.    A full season has elapsed since the player was registered with or ‘last played for’ a Mixed Club.  

NOTE: A Club registering a player in good faith shall not be deemed to have committed an offence if the player is subsequently found to be in debt to another Club, provided that once notified by the Registration Officer of the debt, the Club suspends the player until the matter is resolved.

v.            Player Poaching – please do not steal other clubs players – find your own!

Please do not indulge in ‘player poaching’, because it destroys teams & even clubs, when there is an adequate & friendly mechanism dealing with player transfers.

If a player, team or club, experience this unsporting activity please alert the Mixed EC immediately. Your EC will view it as a Failure to Comply, with the ‘Mixed Section Regulations’ 

·        FTC: The EC will apply appropriate penalties as the ‘Management Body’.

vi.            All Teams - the 5 Match Remaining Rule - End of Season Restrictions on Player Registrations.

Towards the end of each season when a Team has five League Matches left to play the Club ‘Team’ may register only one new player for each match until the end of the playing programme.

Any team found to break this regulation will be dealt with as follows:

·        FTC: team shall forfeit the match 0-5, 3 points may be deducted & the club may be fined under MR 9. 

vii.            Payment of Annual Registration Fees     

a.     Each Club ‘Team’ shall pay the annual fee for Player Registrations upon submission of the MRL.

b.    The MRL with all Fees must be offered to the Mixed Section EC on or before the Registration Evening.

c.      All player transfers after the submission of the MRL must be accompanied by the transfer fee.

·        FTC: may result in a fine in accordance with MR 9 and points may be deducted.



PR 6 Nominated Players

This Regulation shall apply to all Teams in the First Division which form part of a Club with more than one Team.  It governs which players a Team can field in League matches.


a)  The principles:

•  Each Team shall have eight active ‘Nominated Players’ throughout the season, comprising four male and four female players;

•  Nominated Players will generally be those who play the most games for the Team;

•  Goalkeepers shall be exempt from nomination, but each Team must inform the Registration Officer of the goalkeeper’s identity prior to the first League fixture;

•  Teams shall not be permitted to include on the Match Card any player who does not take part in the match - see MR10;

•  The process is controlled by the Registration Officer, in conjunction with the Team secretary.


b) The initial nomination process:

After five League matches, the Registration Officer shall inform the Team secretary which eight outfield players shall be nominated, comprising those who have made most appearances in those matches.  In the event that a number of players have played the same number of matches, the Team secretary shall be permitted to choose which player(s) they wish to nominate. 


c)  Changing the list of Nominated Players:

The Team secretary may modify the list of Nominated Players by notifying the Registration Officer, subject to the following restrictions:-

•  a maximum of one player may be denominated in any one calendar month.

•  another player of the same sex shall be nominated in their place, subject to the approval of the Registration Officer, based on the number of games played.

     Such changes shall be made by email or telephone and will be effective from the date of communication.

d) Mid-season review:

During the Christmas recess, the list of Nominated Players shall be reviewed by the Registration Officer to ensure compliance with the principles outlined above.  The Registration Officer shall inform the Team secretaries which eight outfield players shall be nominated for the second half of the season.

The list shall comprise those who have made most appearances for the Team. In the event that a number of players have played the same number of matches, the Team secretary shall be permitted to choose which player(s) they wish to nominate.

The new list shall become effective from January 1st.

e)  Movement of Nominated Players:

Restrictions are placed on the movement of Nominated Players, as follows:

A maximum of one Nominated Player may play for the next lower Team in any one game, irrespective of the Division in which that Team plays. i. e. 1st to 2nd Team or 2nd to 3rd Team

There is no restriction on Nominated Players from a lower Team playing in the higher Team (when both Teams are in First Division).

     •  FTC:           The opposing Team may be awarded affected matches.

The offending Team may be fined in accordance with MR 9.


PR 7 Fixtures

a)      All matches shall be played on a Saturday & consist of 2 x 35 minute halves (all references to quarters in FIH rules to be ignored) with a start time not earlier than 09:30hrs and not later than 16:00hrs.

In exceptional circumstances, matches may be played at other times if mutually agreed by the Teams.

The Fixtures Officer must be notified by the home Team of all such fixture changes.

b) The Home Team must confirm the match details for all fixtures by the Wednesday before the match and shall contact the following:

i)  The visiting Team secretary,

ii) The umpires or, if Club umpires are appointed, the secretaries from those Clubs.

         FTC:  May at the discretion of the EC result in a fine in accordance with MR 9.


PR 8 Match Cards: See ‘To Umpires & Team Captains – Match Day Procedures’ Handbook Cover.

a)  Match Cards must be fully completed in ink using BLOCK capitals, signed by the Team captain and submitted to the umpires prior to the start of the match.

All Match Card alterations must be endorsed by one of the match umpires.


•  FTC: May at the discretion of the EC result in a fine in accordance with MR 9 and may lead to further penalties.

b) Team Captains or secretaries must verify the result and the names of the goal-scorers with the umpires, and then countersign the Match Card to acknowledge agreement.

c)  Players appearing on the Match Card shall be deemed to have participated in the match.


PR 9 Notification of Results

The home Team must confirm to the Fixtures Officer the result of all fixtures played by email within 48 hours of the completion of the match.


PR 10         Part A                  Postponement and Cancellation of Fixtures

A team will only be allowed to postpone two scheduled fixtures during the season.

      One League game scheduled 1st September to 31st December.

      One League game scheduled 1st January to 30th April.

      It is not permitted to carry the game over from the first half of the season to the second half.

      Failure to fulfil the fixture the outcome will go before the EC for a decision.


In every instance, the team wishing to postpone a fixture must:

      Send a completed Notification of Postponement Form (NPF) to the fixtures officer at least 28 days prior to the game being originally arranged.

      The date of the rearranged fixture must be given on the NPF.

      The team postponing a fixture must instigate the process of arranging the fixture at a date that is mutually convenient for both teams.

      In the event that a convenient date cannot be agreed, the EC shall consider the appropriate course of action.

The team postponing the fixture must notify:

      The opposition.

      The appointed umpires

      The Fixtures Secretary and the Umpire Secretary.

The postponing team will be responsible for any additional costs incurred by the home team in the event of Change of Venue and Umpires, if the umpires have not been informed.


PR 10         Part B                  Emergency fixture postponements

Emergency fixture postponements shall only be permitted if:

      The pitch is deemed unfit for play.

      The conditions, in the opinion of the umpires, are unsafe.

      The Fixtures Secretary instructs a postponement.

These games should be played within 28 days of the postponement.

If a game is cancelled due to an emergency fixture postponement it will be the responsibility of the team cancelling the fixture to notify the following as soon as possible:


      The appointed umpires

      The Fixtures Secretary and the Umpires Secretary.

NOTE 1     the postponing team will be responsible for any additional costs incurred by the home team in the event of change of venue and umpires, if the umpires have not been informed.

NOTE 2     Both teams are advised to keep the Fixtures Secretary informed at all stages of the discussions when trying to agree a mutually convenient date.

NOTE 3     Teams must consider playing rearranged fixtures at alternative venues and on  days other than Saturdays.


PR 11         Re-arranged Fixtures

a)  When a team postpones a fixture with a minimum of 28 days notice, it is the postponing team’s responsibility to instigate the process of arranging a mutually convenient date for the re-arranged fixture.

b) When a match is postponed in other circumstances, it is the home team’s responsibility to instigate the process of arranging a mutually convenient date for the re-arranged fixture.

c)  All emergency postponed fixtures as in ‘PR 10 Part B’ must be re-arranged within 14 days of the postponement but not necessarily played within that time. However, all fixtures must be played on or before the official end of the season. In the event that the fixture is subsequently postponed, the Fixtures Officer may give both teams a deadline for the match to be played.

d) In all circumstances, it is the home team’s responsibility to book the pitch and to immediately inform the Fixtures Officer and Umpires Secretary of the date and venue for the re-arranged fixture.

     •  FTC:  May at the discretion of the EC result in a fine in accordance with MR 9.

e)  In the event that a mutually convenient date cannot be agreed, the EC shall consider the appropriate course of action, having regard to the efforts made by each Team to re-arrange the match:-

•  If the EC consider that either or both Team(s) has made insufficient effort to re-arrange, they shall be deemed unwilling to fulfil the fixture and dealt with under PR 12.

•  If the EC are satisfied that every effort was made to re-arrange and that a mutually convenient date could not be agreed by the due date, the match shall be deemed cancelled without penalty.

Both Teams are advised to keep the Fixtures Officer informed at all stages of the discussions when trying to agree a mutually convenient date.

Teams must consider playing at alternative venues and on days other than Saturdays.


PR 12         Failure to Fulfil a Fixture

a)    In every instance, Teams failing to fulfil a fixture must submit a Notification of Postponement Form NPF to the Fixtures Officer within 48 hours.

·        FTC:  May at the discretion of the EC result in a fine in accordance with MR 9.

b)    Failing to fulfil a League or Cup fixture may at the discretion of the EC result in the offending Team conceding the match to their opponents by a score of 0 – 5.

In the case of a League fixture, the Team may also be deducted 3 points.

In the case of a Cup fixture, the Team may at the discretion of the EC be fined in accordance with MR 9 and may not be eligible to take part in that year’s Plate Competition.

c)     Failing to fulfil a Friendly Fixture may at the discretion of the EC result in a fine in accordance with MR 9.

d)   In addition to all the above, the offending Team shall be responsible for:

          i.         all umpires fees, in the event of the umpires keeping their appointment;

       ii.         all pitch costs incurred by the home Team.

e)     In exceptional circumstances, the EC shall consider evidence presented by the offending Team and shall adjudicate accordingly.


PR 13         Late Starts

Teams shall be on the pitch and ready to start no later than 15 minutes after the official start time.

•  FTC:  Offending Teams may at the discretion of the EC be liable to a fine in accordance with MR 9 and, at the discretion of the EC, may be deemed not to have fulfilled the fixture (PR12).


PR 14         Abandoned Matches

a)  Any match abandoned after 55 minutes of play shall be deemed to be completed and the score at the time of abandonment shall count as the result.

b) The decision to abandon a match shall be the sole responsibility of the umpires.


PR 15         Challenge Cup & Plate Competitions:  Cup-Tied and Nominated Players

a)  A player shall represent only one Team per season in the LRHA Mixed Section Challenge Cup & Plate competitions, irrespective of any subsequent change to a player’s Nominated Player status. All players named on the Match Card will be cup-tied to that Team.

     •  FTC: A Team including a cup-tied player on the Match Card will be disqualified and the opposition awarded the game.

b) Nominated players shall not be permitted to play in the Junior Cup or Junior Plate.

     •  FTC: A Team including an ineligible player on the Match Card will be disqualified and the opposition awarded the game.


PR 16         Procedures for Team Secretaries - Umpires

a)  All Clubs are required as a duty of their membership to send players to the umpire training sessions organised by the EC and to ensure that qualified umpires are provided as and when required by the Umpires Secretary.

b) The Umpires Secretary shall have call on all Teams without a fixture to provide at least two umpires to officiate at League or Cup matches.

     •  FTC:  May at the discretion of the EC result in a fine in accordance with MR 9 & the EC shall consider other penalties.

c)  In the event of the appointed umpire(s) not being able to officiate, the League or Cup match, it may be postponed. Alternatively, the 2 Captains may agree to appoint a player from each side to officiate the match. Neither player is allowed to play while umpiring. The fact of the match being played shall be ‘Proof of Agreement’ and the match shall count as a Competition match.

d) The home Team must inform the Umpires Secretary immediately, if an Umpire fails to fulfil a match appointment or is late in arriving.

e)  When a Competition match has no appointed umpire(s), each Club may provide an umpire, or umpires, but only if approved by the Umpires Secretary.