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About the LRHA:



  The new Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association (LRHA) was formed at an innaugural AGM held at 7.00pm on 11th June 2001, following which, players formally belonging to the Mens, Womens and Mixed Hockey Associations came under one of three new Sections of the new LRHA, namely Mens Section (Region Website), Womens Section (Local) and Mixed Section (Local).  





    Each Section abides by

   Section Rules and a

   Constitution as agreed at AGM


  At the 2007 AGM, provision was made to finally recognise the work being carried out for juniors in Leicestershire and a new Schools and Youth Section was also added. Jo Mould had prime control for this role, although Dave Cawthorn was later appointed President for the group. By 2014, the Schools and Youth Section has not been sub-divided into Boys and Girls Sub-sections.

  Changes driving the amalgamation of hockey associations were led by our own Midland Area Association as well as the England Hockey Association (now England Hockey).  Many other counties have also looked at this process which should bring the best benefits to hockey and provide a sustainable future for our sport. 




 The Association's stated aims are continually under review and as far as can be assertained were :
 "The Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association will endeavour to become the top Hockey County in England by 2011. It will measure its progress by achieving more success nationally in competitive hockey, having more people involved and playing and by making a greater contribution to the development of the game than any other County Association. It will pursue the highest possible standards in each.  

A primary 5-year target will be to increase
involvement in the game by all available means, including new youth programs linked to the Active Sports initiative, encouraging the growth of veteran hockey, retention of adults in the game and re-introducing indoor hockey. Special emphasis will be placed on equity in the game ensuring access by all groups."

LRHA Executive Committee
December 2007  


The 5 year period and 2011 have now passed and as far as is known, the Aims have not been updated.




 Various LRHA officers were elected at the inaugural AGM and those elected at the last AGM are shown below, which should provide a more complete understanding of LRHA operations. The Contact details of all officers are excluded from this site - they became out of date and were impossible to update!



LRHA Organisational Structure 2016-17

    (last updated 2014 AGM - needs updating!)







































































            4 Vice-presidents  












Mens John Johnson









Mixed Veryan Codd









Women ?









 Schools & Youth ?                       








































Director of Administration



Director of Finance





                          Chris Ashton



                   Pam Brooks




Admin, Communications



Budgets, Accounts





           Non-financial records




          Financial records



























The above were elected at the 2017 AGM.








The Committee will include the following Section Officers  :







































Admin Officer Ludwig Roder



Admin Officer  Robert Brooks




Finance Officer Stuart Lodge


Finance Officer Pamela Brooks

























Admin Officer ?

Admin Officer  ?




Finance Officer ?

                    Finance Officer ?





























Also elected at AGM 2014 was:

         Disciplinary Officer - Chris Ashton

         Assistant Disciplinary Officer - Steve Sellars

         Scrutineer (auditor) Ms SL Bannister  and

         EMHUA Representative - Chris Forde        

All ex vice-presidents of the original Associations were made life members of the new LRHA when


it was set up. In addition, the general structure below was proposed to cover normal and  exceptional



business when it occurs.








In practice, it now means that Umpires, Development and Schools & Youth are so important as


to warrant permanent attention, with all business requiring representation from all sections.  


























President plus 4 Vice Presidents, Director of Administration,






Director of Finance, 4 Appointed Representatives







 and co-opted members as required, inc MRHUA Umpires Representative



















































Section President



Section President






Mens Section



Womens Section



















Section President




Section President






Mixed Section



Schools & Youth
















































As required.........
































































Other individuals are co-opted as required, or will make up other focussed groups to ensure all


interests are represented and to ensure all views are taken into consideration.




The chair of these groups will report back directly to the EC.








  At the 2004 AGM, the first President of the LRHA, David Cawthorn, was bestowed Life Membership of the LRHA, similarly Margaret McLoughlin 2008 for her term of office 2004-2007 and Mick Barlow in 2011 for office 2007-2010.
  Historically, the old Association's also had many honorary members whose positions were filled in varying ways: the Women had been made Life Members, Men made Vice Presidents and Mixed made Honorary Life Members. For continuity and to recognise and respect the contribution and many years of service they had made to the sport, these honoured people were automatically also made Life Members of the new LRHA. For the record and until advised otherwise, these were :


  Women Section Mixed Section Mens Section

Diane Batterham

Pam Parker

Jan Perry

Peggy Potts

Pamela Brooks

Janet O'Connor

Angie Shenton

Janet Trewick


Jim Burford

Dave Eabry

Mike Langley

Geoff O'Connor

Colin Roberts

John Smith

Ernie Smithard

Norman Day



PS Burgess                P Kingsley

N Burnett                    AS Matharu

DJ Cawthorne              RJ Moore

RE Colomb                 N Mullinger

H Dayman                  A Stanley 

MJ Eary                     RA Walker

BF Forrester               Dr GL Ward

CCT Forde                  J Watson

AT Goodchild              AR Weston

MA Hamilton               C Wickstead

S Hardwick                 M Wilkinson

DP Hecks                   P Willis

P Haywood                 CGW Wilks 

RH Hills-Smith 


  In due course, the previous Presidents may become Honorary Life Members to distinguish them from ex-Presidents..........


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