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    part of Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association (LRHA)

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Our Associations


Midlands Region (what we are part of):

 Midland Region Hockey Association - Everything here about Midland Mens League Hockey

 Midland Region Womens Hockey And here about Midland Womens League Hockey




Midlands Umpires:

Midlands Umpires Association - Well worth looking into.
  Association of Hockey League Umpires (now called the National Program Umpires Association)

   This includes umpires guidance etc.


 Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association (LRHA):

        (the local bit we are part of)

        Constitution (2019-20)

           Section Rules (2019-20)   (for Mens, Ladies, Mixed and Schools & Youth)

            EC Agenda Master just for information, so you know what we look into!



Other LRHA Sections :

Womens Hockey Website

  Schools and Youth Website


     Mixed (Our) Section History:

     How Our Section Started - Jim Burford (a previous Umpires President) recalls

         50 Years Celebrations (1948-98) - What Did We Do?





Mixed Hockey Organisers:

     Mixed Hockey Committee & Others (2018-19)

        Umpires (2018-19