Leicestershire (& Rutland) Mixed Hockey Association


    previously part of Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association (LRHA)

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Club, Team & Playing Information



 Where do we we Play?:

    Link to a Leicestershire & Rutland map showing where our teams play - useful to prospective players.


  Venues and Times

   Provisional Teams Venues & start times

        Not as comprehensive as used to be, but see Mixed Handbook  Page 7


  Team Contacts and pitch Information

  TEAM Secretaries & Pitch Details - Personal Information is no longer available online


  Umpires List 2021-22 - See Handbook  pages 3&4 for information


 Our organisers: See Our Association



 Guides, Matchday Procedures, Secretary Responsibilities:

      Matchday Guide, a helpful Precis of Procedures - see Mixed Handbook  Pages 15 & 16

         This is for Team and Club Secretaries as well as Umpires!


 Rules, Regulations, Discipline, Fees & Fines:

               Mixed Management Regulations -

               Mixed Playing Regulations 

               Fees & Fines - see  Mixed Handbook  page 17

               Discipline Process   - see  Mixed Handbook page 5  and for Red Card Procedure see Mixed Handbook  page 6 

               Umpires Redcard/Matchday Misconduct Offence Report Form  - 2021-22  



     Historic Competition, Mixed Club & Team Stats:

          All the Historic Stats ever!  (to June 2021)