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    previously part of Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association (LRHA)

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 This page gives the background to local mixed hockey and may act as a starter for prospective players and parents in Leicester and surrounding area. 


  1) Background

   In June 2001, the individual Men's, Women and Mixed Hockey Associations amalgamated to form a new Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association (LRHA) made up of three separate "Sections" catering for the three forms of hockey (mens, ladies and mixed). Over the years a Schools & Youth section has also been added, which particularly caters for children who want to compete at as high a level as possible in single sex hockey, working up to regionally organised leagues.


  2) Mixed Hockey

To promote mixed hockey in the our two Counties, we provide prospective and existing players, with all the information they require. For instance, details of club and team secretaries is available through the Information links above.

   We have lost teams in recent years and in 2015-16 offered 38 teams across Leicestershire and Rutland arranged into 4 divisions. Matches are played on Saturdays and the commitment of players, officials and organisers is essential - equally, opportunities for players and sponsors is enormous!

Cup Winners Cups and Shields

In addition to league, cup and other matches, some teams also enter other competitions,

friendly tournaments and events within the county, around the country and even abroad.

Over 1000 registered players have an opportunity to play for these MANY Cups, Shields and

Trophies, presented at the annual Presentation Dance.

These show the interest in the sport despite the general lack of publicity or status attached to

the mixed game.

 Please use our Where We Play page to find a club or team which plays near near you. If you are interested in playing or umpiring mixed hockey, please use the website Information pages above to locate club secretaries and to find out more

about us. Details of league results, charts and much more are available through the other links above. 


You don't have to be mad!
(by Georgina Barlow, aged 9)
I love to play hockey
It makes me feel so good.
I love to do exactly,
as my manager says I should!
I love to play hockey
I love my Saturdays.
And I also love these men in white
Who are taking me away!


  If you've put a team together and you want to try some friendly games, do phone the fixtures secretary. He will arrange matches straight away (especially if you already have a pitch and a slot!). He will also fit you up with competition of the appropriate skill to suit your new team.

Is it worth it and what is at the end of it?  Well there's having loads of fun and developing good team work and team spirit. Have a look at a few pictures from the Presentation Dance held in May 2000 to get an idea of the cups, shields, trophies and medals which can also come to a successful squad and judge for yourself.