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     The first rule of umpiring is to maintain good order on the pitch and to ensure the rightful health and safety of hockey participants. To that end the LRHA Club & Umpire Policy Document (PDF file) has been produced by the LRHA’s Umpires Committee as a benchmark for Good Order (and for the Protection of Clubs & Umpires). It's origins were to protect and preserve our umpiring resource’s and build a secure foundation for the future. It is an amalgam of other documents (including those from our National Governing Body), it has many things to commend it and we hope it succinctly provides a single Document for the good conduct of games in under our control.

    Whilst not wishing to be prescriptive, it was our intention to request that everyone adheres to the principles as they are laid out or at the very least, should have the aim to aspire to them. (From Margaret McLoughlin VP + committee member)


    Players and existing umpires alike have wanted to find information, in particular on Rule changes, as well as full open advice on Rule change implications and practical application for the type of hockey they are involved in - SO here is some information to start off with, most of which may be displayed in a separate window.


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RULES BOOKS for 2017

New outdoor rules books that will be available from January 2017 the new FIH rules will not be implemented nationally until 1st August 2017 ready for the start of the new season. 

If you have any questions regarding these rules books or the new FIH rules please contact

David Elworthy, david.elworthy@englandhockey.co.uk.

26/2/2016 The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has announced changes to the Rules of Hockey, specifically rule 13.2 which relates to the taking of an attacking free hit within 5 metres of the attacking circle.

The changed rules are as follows: 

 13.2.c: when a free hit is awarded to the attack within the 23 metres area, all players other than the player taking the free hit must be at least 5 metres from the ball, except as specifically indicated below for attacking free hits awarded within 5 metres of the circle. 

 13.2.f: from a free hit awarded to the attack within the 23 metres area, the ball must not be played into the circle until it has travelled at least 5 metres or has been touched by a player of the defending team. 

Further details and explanations can be found on the FIH website 

These changes came into effect in the international game on 16th February 2016. England Hockey has considered the implications of these changes from a number of perspectives and, in line with the desire for consistency in rules across the game, has decided to implement them at all levels of the 11-a-side game in England from Friday 26th February. 

For the remainder of the 2015-2016 season and to support this implementation at short notice, prematch both umpires, both coaches and both captains must confirm with each other that this rule change will be applied and communicate this to the team members.  This will avoid confusion should any player be unaware of the change. 


David Ellcock, Chair of Selectors for NPUA - the national level umpiring association in England - said: 

"This rule change has been introduced to avoid unfair and potentially dangerous play for all attacking free hits within the 23m area. Umpires should note that:

 1. The management of the set piece has not changed essentially. All players must still be at least 5m away from the free hit, except for the player taking it. Defenders who were within 5m of the place where the foul occurred may still stay within 5m, provided that they are within the circle and do not interfere with play before the ball has travelled 5m, or the stick of a player, other than the hit taker, has legitimately touched the ball. 

 2. However, please note that if there has been a stoppage in time between the awarding of the free hit and the re-start in play, then all players, including defenders in the circle, must be at least 5m away.

 3. Also, the practice of a player taking a free hit by touching the ball for a team mate who was 5m away to run onto and then drive into the circle is now a foul. If this occurs, a free hit to the defence should be awarded."

26/8/08 - All umpires are urged to ensure you are INSURED. Application to the EMHUA does not require you to umpire games for them, so if you don't regularly umpire, ensure Richard Kendall is updated so he can evidence your continued umpiring accreditation.

22/4/08 - Umpires Group Draft

18/9/07 - Game Discipline isn't just for on the pitch! - A timely reminder.

01/01/06 - Recent thinking on play (Jan 2006) - Dangerous Hits 

             Suspended Players - The EHL Umpiring Committee's surprising view of where players should serve their suspension.....



 We look forward to building on last season’s success in keeping down & hopefully reducing the need for personal penalties, the green card rule has proved to be very effective cutting yellows down by over 30%. We will be continuing to keep on top of things and will be making sure with your help that we maintain and even improve on last year’s advances in this area.

As always please ask your players, coaches and spectators to be aware of the following points:


Player dissent            Dissent will be dealt with severely.  Please ensure that your members respect the umpire’s decision and recognize that it is final.  No amount of arguing will change it and it may result in you having one less player on the field of play.  Questioning an umpire’s integrity will be severely dealt with!


      Captains, it is your responsibility to control your players on & off the pitch, please remind them to control their emotions even on the side line as this can affect your players actions on the pitch!


Coach dissent            Please remind your coaches and officials that they are there to look after your players and will be looked upon to set a good example. They are part of your team and must behave according to the rules.

If coaches receive a yellow or red card, the team captain will have to remove a player from the pitch.  All problems will be dealt with by the umpires.


Spectator dissent       This is something that has grown over the last few seasons.

Umpires will deal severely with any unruly or obnoxious spectators.

This may result in them being removed from the pitch area.

Persistent misconduct may result in a complete spectator ban!

Please remind spectators that they are your guests! 

They are there to support and encourage your team, not agitate in order to cause problems.


Umpire Training Courses:

As in other seasons, we can arrange Level 1 umpire training courses for all interested parties, so if you would like to become an umpire, or just learn more about the rules of hockey, please contact me on the numbers below.


Questions & Queries related to Umpire & Rule Matters

If you have any questions, queries or confusions associated with umpiring matters or need rule clarification(s), please feel free to contact me.

Remember we are there to help you and keep the game safe!

Umpires want to make your game more enjoyable so why not help yourselves and ask?

Best wishes for a successful season,

Steve Sellars & the Umpire Team

       0116 238 8171            07957 688303          stellars@btinternet.com       


See our Matchday Guide for full advice of procedures on match days for both Umpires and Teams.


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