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General Information



Hockey Rules:

  FIH Hockey Rules  (from the FIH web-site)

    Minihockey Rules 2010-11 (PDF 1Mb)          



Development Funding Possibilities:

  Sport Organisations Funding Survey ( Word File 114Kb )

   Sports Funding Information ( Word 362Kb )

    Grant Information for Talented Iindividuals ( Word 132Kb )

      Entitled to 50 or 100 towards your Coaching Course?

       See Bursary Information and Application Form (as of 2010)


Club Insurance Explained:

  Civil Liability Insurance - Perkins Slade



  Roles & Responsibilities for Coaches


Child protection Responsibilities:

  Child Protection in Sport - Very good starting place!


Single System:

For information on single system, see  The Single System for Hockey a PDF file ex EH web-site 12/08 or better still,

   see any later version on the EH website.  

For information on Junior Regional Performance Centres see Host application pack (general information)